Welcome to our gallery. Pictured below are arrangements we have done in the past and their approximate prices.

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Fall basket with jeweled fruit: $40.00
Tall red rose vase: $60.00
Pumpkin basket fall bouquet: $25.00
Yellow fresia in wooden box: $35.00
Elegant vase with pink roses: $65.00
Red/white flowers in coke can: $35.00
Large autumn basket: $60.00
Fall mix in orange box: $30.00
Spring bouquet in white basket: $50.00
Colorful spring hanging basket: $55.00
Rose trellis: $35.00
Grape wreath: $30.00
Small fall wreath $10.00
Christmas wreath with dove: $40.00
Spring wreath with birdhouse: $40.00
Peach flowers in hat box: $50.00
Fall arrangement in washtub: $50.00
Sunflower basket: $25.00
Small color mix in wicker box: $15.00
Red roses in brass urn: $55.00
Large grass/fruit mix in chest: $70.00
Large fall mix in brass platter: $50.00
Red Christmas poinsettas: $45.00
Spring bouquet in briefcase: $50.00
Pink/rose colored large basket: $65.00
Purple flowers in beehive pot: $25.00
Christmas mix in snowman box: $25.00
Large fruit topiary: $85.00
Large autumn wreath: $40.00
Large triple topiary: $90.00
Frosted winter bouquet: $65.00
Spring beach basket: $30.00
Autumn cornucopias: $15.00